Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chicken With Artichokes and Mushrooms

Generally speaking, I find it necessary to slightly alter recipes I find online.  I "maximize" them, test them in my own kitchen, take pictures, and then post my results.  The following recipe is a rare and beautiful exception.  Chicken With Artichokes and Mushrooms is my new favourite recipe, but it comes directly from another blogger - the link is below.

The ingredients are simple.  In fact they are simpler than they appear.  The first time I made this dish, I had most of the ingredients on hand, but not all of the dried spices. Since the original blogger mentioned her own swap-outs, I decided to make the essential version without all the spices, and we were all thrilled with the results.  Recipes are like that - they are best when altered to suit your own time, ingredients, and taste! Go for it.

By the way, I am also using the original blogger's photo.  Ours did not last long enough to get a picture.

Here's the link. Chicken With Artichokes and Mushrooms